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First, our highly trained and experienced rehabilitation team will examine the patient’s injury. Next, a personalized rehabilitation program will be designed and implemented based on the needs of the patient.

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A diverse team ensures a comprehensive approach to health and recovery. The specialists in the fields of medicine, physiotherapy and coaching will jointly design a personalized and comprehensive rehab program around your injury. 

Over the years our physicians have examined and operated a wide range of athletic injuries. Physiotherapists have guided patients and treated them with innumerable methods of physical therapy. 

Tanja Poutiainen-Rinne brings her expertise in achieving an elite level in high performance sports to the patient. She also has a strong experience of effective and appropriate rehabilitation having gone through two tibia fractures and a torn ACL. 

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Tanja Poutiainen supervises the exercise in Ounasvaara

Comeback Center team

Tanja Poutiainen-Rinne

Olympic and World Championship medalist, expert by experience

“I participated in the Alpine Ski World Cup for 17 years, took part in five Olympics, and retired at the age of 34 in the spring of 2014. Torino’s Olympic silver, four World Championship medals and three Crystal Globes were my biggest accomplishments. During my career I also faced injuries: two tibia fractures and a torn ACL. I know from a personal experience how to attain a peak performance and what it takes to recover from an injury. In Comeback Center my focus is on improving the skills and coordination abilities of the patient, while providing mentorship throughout the rehabilitation process.”

Risto Kemppainen

Orthopedic physician, Finnish national ski team's orthopedic consultant

“I am a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, and I have worked for over 10 years with issues related to athlete’s health, injuries, surgical treatment and rehabilitation. I have worked with many Olympic and World Championship level athletes. Currently I am working, for example, as the physician for the alpine ski racers and as the orthopaedic consultant for the RoPS football club.”

Pasi Lambacka

Physical therapist (YAMK) OMT, certified sports physical therapist, Finland women's national ice hockey team physical therapist

“I have worked in the field of physiotherapy since 1996. My specialities are the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with OMT-physiotherapy, and sport physiotherapy, which is something I also teach. I am the head physical therapist in Lapin Urheiluakatemia. I am also the physical therapist for the Finnish women’s national ice hockey team. My treatment methods are always based on the latest researched information, which combined with my long experience ensures safe and effective rehabilitation. In addition to manual therapy, my skill set also includes various taping methods, therapeutic training, acupuncture treatments, use of support insoles and fascia treatments.”

Kari Vinkki

Physical therapist OMT

“I am an OMT-physiotherapist with a long experience in treating musculoskeletal disorders. I worked as the physical therapist for the Finnish Cross-Country national team in the Salt Lake City and Torino Olympics, and I have experience from a few World Championships as well. My clientele includes Lappish elite athletes from summer and winter sports. I have a diverse training the fields of sport physiotherapy, human movement, mobility and the treatment of injuries.”


Markus Mäkiniemi

Physical therapist

“I have more than a decade of work experience in treating neurological and musculoskeletal disorders with physiotherapy. I have plenty of training in the following fields: musculoskeletal disorders, skill training and strength and endurance. I have helped people, from folks who value their mobility to elite athletes, in my role as the strength and conditioning coach.”

Laura Gustavsson

Physical therapist, lymphedema therapist, Finland's national under-19 volleyball team physical therapist

“I have worked as a physical therapist since 2007, specializing in musculoskeletal disorders and sport physiotherapy, especially in the past few years. Since 2016 I’ve been the physical therapist for the Finland’s national youth volleyball team, and I’ve been in several European Championships with different teams. I was also the physical therapist for the men’s volleyball team, Team Lakkapää, for three seasons. I also have patients from many other sports. In 2015 I became a lymphedema therapist, which has made possible a different approach to rehabilitation. Lymphedema therapy allows me to hasten postoperative recovery process.” 

Jukka Salo

Physical therapist, Finland's national ski team physical therapist

“My strength is treating musculoskeletal disorders among elite athletes and other active people with physiotherapy. I have training in the analysis of human movement, power generation and examination and rehab of disabilities and injuries. I’ve been the physical therapist for the Finnish national ski team since 2008 alongside my primary job. I’ve been part of three Winter Olympics and one Paralympic Games, as well as a few World Championships with skiers and biathletes. I do a lot of endurance sports myself, and coaching is also an interest of mine. My clientele includes summer and winter sport athletes and enthusiasts in Rovaniemi.”

Johanna Davidila

Physical therapist

“I am a physical therapist from Rovaniemi, specializing in the rehab of musculoskeletal disorders. I work as a part-time physiotherapy practitioner and as a physiotherapist in specialized medical care. I have almost twenty years of experience in acute injury and postoperative physiotherapy, especially for the lower and upper limbs. Additionally I have experience in using orthoses that are utilized in the rehab of different types of musculoskeletal disorders. I’m a marathon runner.”

Johanna Johansson

Physical therapist

“I am a physical therapist with a diverse educational background. I have training, for example, in musculoskeletal disorders and sport physiotherapy. As a physical therapist I work with athletes of all ages and levels. My clientele includes athletes from both summer and winter sports. When working with athletes, my goal is to get them back to training so that they can achieve their peak performance. In addition, I strive to prevent athletic injuries, support the coaches and treat and rehabilitate athletic injuries.” 

Petri Kilpamäki

Physical therapist (YAMK)

“I have worked as a physical therapist, treating musculoskeletal and neurological disorders in Rovaniemi since 2002. I have continuously developed my knowledge of musculoskeletal rehabilitation throughout my career with additional training. My clientele is a diverse group of people, from sports enthusiasts to elite athletes, including para athletes. Personally I have a background in mountain biking, triathlon and adventure sports.”

Marja Vartiainen

Physical therapist

“My area of expertise in the field of physiotherapy is pelvic floor physical therapy, which has been a focus of mine since 2010. I study and treat various pelvic floor disorders; pains, muscle activation disorders and numbness, as well as postoperative conditions of abdomen, back and groin area. These are common problems in the sports that include jumping (gymnastics, track and field sports) or in sports that strongly increase stomach pressure (skiing, weightlifting).”   

Sakari Maikku

Physical therapist OMT

“I’m an OMT physical therapist who specializes in the examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. It is important to me that my clients get the best possible treatment based on the latest knowledge. By utilizing a holistic approach and working closely with the client, I try to find the best treatment methods. I treat clients of all ages regardless of the injury or the ailment. In my free time, I enjoy endurance sports in a variety of ways in order to maintain my own well-being and health.”

Mikko Petäjäniemi

Physical therapist, sports massage therapist

“I’m a physical therapist who has a background in sports massaging. My professional interest and postgraduate studies are focused on the treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders throughout the body, as well as on developing performance. In my work, I endeavour to listen to the client and find out the root causes of the problem, while taking into account the client’s wishes and goals. I treat clients with acute and chronic conditions, from schoolchildren to adults and seniors, from office workers to pro athletes. Rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries is also a regular part of my work.”

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