Versatile accommodation options

Santasport, right next to Comeback Center, offers full-service accommodation. There are many other accommodation options near Comeback Center and in downtown Rovaniemi: hotels, cabins, glass igloos etc.

Comfortable accommodation

Rovaniemi is a big place so there are accommodation options to suit all tastes and needs. There are several hotels, hostels and other smaller accommodation providers in the city centre. Located in the Ounasvaara area, a few kilometers from the city centre, is the Santasport sporthotel, which offers full board conveniently near the Comeback Center. There are also two cabin villages, B&B-places and other accommodation options in Ounasvaara.

There are cabin villages and glass igloos in the Santa Claus Village. There are cabins and other smaller accommodation units in the villages around Rovaniemi.

From December to March, it’s possible to experience the Arctic in a unique way by staying at snow hotel or snow igloo.

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Accommodation options in Rovaniemi