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Our team consists of three orthopedists, one sports medicine specialist and several physical therapists (incl. Finnish Olympic team physician Pyongyang 2018, medical adviser for Finnish Ice Hockey Association, physical therapist for the women’s national hockey team and men’s national skiing team physical therapist). Tanja Poutiainen-Rinne complements this team with her experience from the top of alpine skiing world.

Specialists straight from the top

A diverse team ensures a comprehensive approach to health and rehabilitation. The specialists in the fields of medicine, physiotherapy and coaching will jointly design a personalized and comprehensive rehab program around your injury.

Over the years our physicians have examined and operated a wide range of athletic injuries. Physiotherapists have guided patients and treated them with innumerable methods of physical therapy.

Tanja Poutiainen-Rinne brings her expertise in achieving an elite level in high performance sports to the patient. She also has a strong experience of effective and appropriate rehabilitation having gone through two tibia fractures and a torn ACL.

When this team comes together, the vast amounts of knowledge, know-how and experience can be found under one roof!

Why choose us

  • Multidisciplinary team: The specialists in the fields of medicine, physiotherapy and coaching form an unmatched top team in rehabilitation.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation program: We take into consideration the different aspects in the rehabilitation process and in the prevention of new injuries.
  • Focus on yourself: Don’t worry about your job, sport or home chores. Here you can solely focus on your own recovery under the guidance of professionals.
  • Environment: Sporty and positive atmosphere in the nature-rich Ounasvaara, in the lively city of Rovaniemi.
  • Accessible: It’s easy to reach an international and vibrant tourist city like Rovaniemi.
  • Compact: Everything happens under one roof – physician’s office, treatment rooms, training facilities, dining and accommodation.

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