Comeback Center

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Comeback Center is an intensive rehabilitation concept founded in 2019 in Rovaniemi. We offer comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation services to help patients restore their athletic performance.

The story of Comeback Center

During her long career in pro sports, Tanja Poutiainen, one of the founders of Comeback Center, learnt the importance of health to athletic performance. Health maintenance is important, but when an injury occurs, recovery and return to the peak capability requires solid planning and comprehensive rehabilitation.

A few years after finishing her pro sports career, Tanja started to ask questions: “Why isn’t there a clinic in Finland that offers comprehensive and intensive rehab? A place where a multidisciplinary team can build a personalized rehabilitation program for the patient under one roof?”

Comeback Center was born in the fall of 2018 in a meeting with Tanja, Kari, Pasi, Risto and Joni. Knowing each other from previous work-related matters, they went on to develop the idea of an intensive rehabilitation clinic. The main components were there! Physiotherapists and physicians are already working in Santasport, near Ounasvaara, under the aforementioned people. Santasport and the nature of Ounasvaara provide exclusive opportunities for exercise, rehabilitation and coaching – both indoors and outside.

Why come to us

Multidisciplinary team

The specialists in the fields of medicine, physical therapy and coaching jointly design an effective program for you to return from an athletic injury.

Comprehensive rehab program

We take into consideration the different aspects in the rehabilitation process and in the prevention of new injuries.


Sporty and positive atmosphere in the nature-rich Ounasvaara, in the lively city of Rovaniemi.


It’s easy to reach an international and vibrant tourist city like Rovaniemi.

Comprehensive rehabilitation under one roof


Rovaniemi Airport is Finland’s third busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers and is only 10 km from the Comeback Center. Rovaniemi city center is just 2 km away, and local sports and culture offers plenty to see and experience.


Training environment

The running and forest trails of Ounasvaara, which are great for mountain biking as well, are located right next to the Comeback Center. In winter these trails can be used for skiing, fat biking and snowshoeing. The Ounasvaara Ski Center is less than a kilometer away.


Accommodation options

Santasport, right next to Comeback Center, offers full-service accommodation. There are many other accommodation options near-by or at the city centre, which is about 2 km away. Hotels, cabins, glass igloos etc. For more info, check out or ask us directly.



Finnair and Norwegian fly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi daily (at least 5 flights per day). During the winter season there are more flights, including direct flights from Central Europe. Rovaniemi Airport is only a 10-minute drive from the Comeback Center. The city can also be reached by train and bus, which operate all year round.